Barn tomten Tomte TrueStory Three

In the parish of Nyhil there are two farms lying near each other, and both called Tobo. On one was a Tomte who, on Christmas eve, was usually treated to warm oatmeal and honey. One time the oatmeal was so warm when it was set out that the honey melted. When the Tomte came to kitchen and found only oatmeal in a bowl with no honey to be seen, he became so angry that he went to the stable and choked one of the cows to death. Having done this, the Tomte returned to the kitchen and ate the oatmeal. Upon emptying the bowl he found the honey in the bottom. Repenting of his wrathful deed, the Tomte carried the dead cow to the neighboring farm and led therefrom a similar cow with which to replace the one he had killed.

During his absence, the farm women entered the barn and returned to the house where the loss was reported to the men but when the latter arrived in the cow-shed the missing cow had apparently returned. The next day they heard of the dead cow on the adjoining farm, and understood that the Tomptes had been at work.