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    A little about me. I am a person and this is a little about me. I like to do things, and some of these things are even fun. When I'm not doing things, I like to sit. Sitting is fun sometimes.

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When we went to Aunt Hennie's house at
Christmas time we headed for the kitchen and her Swedish spritz cookies. The secret is in the almond extract, a good cookie press, and not allowing the cookies to brown hard.

My grandmother had the patience of a saint. I remember her sitting in her wheelchair before a bowl of chopped meat with a small teaspoon, carefully shaping each one and asking her why she didn't make larger meatballs - "You will finish faster." Grandmother reminded me that the task was to be "done right, not faster." The secret of this recipe is in the allspice.

Home made yoghurt is a delight to the
palate, and easy. (That's for me)! The secret is, the temperature of the milk when you add the culture, -- too hot and the culture dies, too cold and it doesn't grow.


One of my friends at Tripod is Carole. She created a Veteran's Day Tribute to her father.


I like genealogy, photography and making Tripod pages with the new Homepage Studio